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50% More investment leads for Ragnarson!

Ragnarson is a software development company and fund that invests in impactful projects. They are fully remote, with offices in Łódź (Poland) and Berlin (Germany).

They have a unique culture of transparency, where everyone knows for instance other colleagues salaries, client rates, etc.

Why we started to work together?

Ragnarson’s goal was to build a stronger position as an active angel investor and to maintain the relationships gained during the networking and industry events.

Also, they were looking for possibilities to increase the number of leads (partnerships, agency and investing fund). The way to achieve it, was by improving their results from LinkedIn and content marketing.

What did we?

By regular mentoring, we’ve built a process of systematic content creation and integrated the team. We’ve also started the podcast Founding Impact as a part of Account-Based Marketing process to connect better with their ICPs and partners.


 What were the results?

As a result of our cooperation, Ragnarson observed an increase in number of leads, especially those for the investment fund (which was our main goal). By the end of September, they had over 50% increase, compared to the whole 2020 (150 in 9 months of 2021 vs 94 in 2020).


Example of inbound inquiry:


The other advantages of our project were:

– receiving invitations to other podcasts and events,

– growth of competencies of marketing team members (writing, research, building content strategy) that is now fully independent,

– during sales calls, potential clients and partners of Ragnarson mentioned that they produce an outstanding content.

Do you want to check if similar method makes sense in your company?

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