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Fractional B2B Head of Growth

Even if you already have the best knowledge of B2B marketing in your team, implementing it may not be that easy.

That is why I have created an offer for companies that have benefited from my audits, in which I help them implement what I am conveying.

What’s my process?

I adapt the methods and methods of operation individually to the needs of your company, and additionally I train and support your employees so that they soon become independent in performing new duties.

If you have come across this page, and we have not had the opportunity to cooperate, then in the first opportunity, I invite you to take advantage of the audit so that we can get to know each other beforehand.

What is included in this model?

  • Working with a team – transferring knowledge, feedback, supervision over the execution of entrusted tasks, possible corrections
  • Implementation of new marketing and sales tools
  • Participation in team meetings, sales meetings, etc., if necessary.
  • Joint creation of an action strategy, defining goals and methods of their verification
  • In case of lacking skills or other team resources, I take on myself the necessary actions to keep projects moving (content creation, campaign management, etc.)
  • Writing processes based on developed good practices
  • Recruitment support

This offer is for you if:

  • You think about long-term marketing in your company
  • You care about an independent, effective team that will achieve the set goals
  • You prefer to build an internal marketing team than to use the services of an external agency
  • You don’t know what you can expect from your people (or how to measure it)
  • You don’t know who you need in your marketing team or how to find the right people,
  • You are not looking for a magic way to solve your problems quickly,
  • You understand that to achieve results, time, commitment and work of the entire team are needed.

Details of offer:

We start our collaboration with audit and strategy. It costs $1500 and include interviews with a few team members, analyst of your data, competitors, situation on the market and 4-hour remote kick-off workshop.

If we decide to work further together, the cost of my work hour is $80 in this model. The minimum package of hours per month is 20. If you don’t know how many hours you want to use – no problem. Contact me, and we will estimate the optimal number of hours for your business. If it is exceeded (of course, after prior consent of both parties), additional hours will be added to the monthly invoice, at a fixed rate.

Collaboration takes place remotely. The minimum period of cooperation is 3 months.

As long as we have a valid package, hours may be cumulative. But I do not guarantee availability, and we have to check it every time.

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