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Tomasz Maciejewski

Tomasz Maciejewski

Marketing strategist, consultant and trainer.

Tom’s interest in digital marketing, which he has been dealing with for 7 years now, initially came from his desire to gain more freedom in life and the possibility of traveling more often and for longer.

Tom actively promotes remote work opportunities. He organized two conferences in Poland for digital nomads “Tam gdzie chcę”, has a podcast and YouTube channel dedicated to this idea.

Over time, he focused on LinkedIn, helping many companies to acquire business clients in Poland and abroad. He trained, among others, at UPC Polska, Integree or WePlay. He was also a speaker and a lecturer at for instance TedX, Asbiro or the University of Warsaw.

Katarzyna Trzonek — Maciejewska

Katarzyna Trzonek — Maciejewska

Content strategist and content writer

Katarzyna is responsible for creating content and building the content strategies for our clients. After a few years spent in corporate accounting, she started developing her skills in marketing and content writing.

Now, having the experience of working with the most demanding clients, she knows what questions to ask to get the most interesting and valuable information from our clients. And how to write posts and articles that the readers will enjoy.

In the last years she worked with such clients as Kubota, Hotailors, Greg Albrecht and Paweł Tkaczyk.

Privately, she loves traveling and writing short stories.

Rafał Sawicki

Rafał Sawicki

Content writer

Advertising text serves not only sales but also brand building. That is why Rafał’s texts are legible, educate, and meet the client’s business goals.

Rafał is good with words and well organized. The experience gained from sales departments in working with business clients and state institutions helps him in his work in advertising. He also performed managerial functions in NGO as a volunteer.

While working with Content Way, he has already written texts for the internationally award-winning start-up Hotailors, or the Warsaw-based premium real estate leader Lions Estate.

Besides work, he is a fiction writer and publishes as R. G. Sawicki. As a hobby, he practices boxing and general development exercises, he also likes historical fencing with a long sword (HEMA).

 What do we offer?

➡️ Training programs
➡️ Individual programs for Founders and CEO’s
➡️ Consulting
➡️ Complete B2B marketing funnels

We’ve had the opportunity to be involved in building B2B marketing and prospecting processes in several companies within the region.

We can implement all of this for your company!